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Tourist Attraction

Attractions in Rishikesh:

Triveni Ghat:

Triveni Ghat is biggest bathing ghat in Rishikesh. Situated near the main market this ghat has mesmerizing view of mountain and river. The reason for the name is it is believed that this is conference of 03 rivers Ganges, Yamuna and legendary Saraswati. Due to the conference this ghat is great place to take a bath. Ghat is structure of steps where people can acess river for holy bath. Everyday Ganges ceremony (Ganga Aarti) is organized at ghat in evening. (5 PM in winter and 6 PM in Summer) This is beautiful place to sit right on the bank of the river and view the mountain and river with the company of cool river breeze. Triveni Ghat is situated just 100 meter far from the main market. Small Shani Mandir is also located near Triveni Ghat.

Lakshman Jhula:

Big iron suspension bridge on the river Ganges which is 4.5 kms far from Rishikesh. It is believed that Lakshman (Brother of lord Ram) crossed the river here by jute rope. Current bridge is built in 1929 in when the old bridge (1989 built) was damaged in flood. Laskman Jhula is popular in tourist for shopping and other activites such as rafting. Both side of the bridge has so many different shops with interesting things to buy. Lakshman temple and Tera Manzil Temple is also situated here. From the bridge you can have spectacular view of river and the city. Lakshman Jhula is pedestrian bridge but it is also used for bikes.

Ram Jhula:

Suspension bridge similar to the Lakshman Jhula between Sivananda Ashram and Swarg Ashram is known as Ram Jhula or Sivananda Jhula. Boat is also available here on sharing basis to cross the river. So many shops are available on the both side of bridge for shopping. Sivananda Ashram, Yog Niketan Ashram and Omkarnanda Ashram is located at one end of the brindge and the other end has Swarg Ashram, Gita Bhawan and Parmarth Niketan Ashram. Ram Jhula is pedestrian bridge but it is also used for bikes.

Parmarth Niketan:

Parmarth Niketan Ashram is located in the Swarg Ashram area. The Ashram has so many rooms for devotees as well as tourist. Ashram has many religious statues inside. Parmarth Niketan is also host for the Internationa Yoga Festival every year. Ashram is popular among the tourist for Yoga. Every day Ganga Aarti ceremony is organized at the Ghat of the Ashram in Evening.(5 PM in winter and 6 PM in Summer. The aarti is widely visited by the tourists.

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple:

This temple is situated at 1325 meters height and 31 kms far from Rishikesh. Neelkant Mahadev is Temple of Lord Shiva. According to legends Lord Shiva came here for meditation when he consumed poison during the sea churning. Lord Shiva's throat became blue colored due to the poison so he is known as a NeelKanth (Blue throated) here. Thousand of tourist visit this temple during Shivratri and Kanwar Mela. Temple is also accessible by trekking route and by road from Swarg Ashram. Temple Timings: 05 AM to 01 PM and 04 PM to 09 PM.

Sivananda Ashram

Sivananda Ashram is also known as Divine Life Society. It is located near Ram Jhula. Sivanada Ashram was established by Swami Sivananda. Swami Sivanada lived here for more than 30 years. There are several activities performed by the Ashram such as Yoga Meditation and hospital. Sivananda Ashram has rooms for the guest. Ashram has Meditation hall, Yoga Hall & Music Hall. Sivananda Ashram is one of the most popular ashrams in Rishikesh.

Bharat Mandir

Bharat Mandir Temple situated at the center in Rishikesh and near the main market. This is one of the oldest temples in Rishikesh. The deity of the temple is Lord Vishnu. Raibhya Rishi made penance here and lord Vishnu appeared in front of the sage to give him blessing. Temple has small musium also. Bharat Mandir Temple is inside the Rishikesh Market area and can be reached easily from Chandrabhaga Bridge(Temple Timings: 05 AM to 11 AM and 3 PM to 09 PM).

Gita Bhawan:

Gita Bhavan (Geeta Bhawan) is Ashram located in Swarg Ashram area. The ashram has large complex with discourse hall and more than which . There is temple of also inside the ashram. Lessons from Bhagvad Gita is written on the walls of Ashram. Inside the temple you can see life of Lord Krishna in pictures. Cloth store, Book store, Ayurvedic medicine shop and restaurant are part of this.

Swarg Ashram:

Swarg Ashram is area between Lakshman Jhula and Rishikesh. This place is well known for various famous ashrams, beautiful surroundings, healthy and divine living. So many shops are also here for shopping. Place is accessible via Ram Jhula bridge by walk or by road via Beraj. Parmarth Niketan, Gita Bhawan, Bhootnath Temple and many other intresting places are part of the Swarga Ashram area.

Terah Manzil Temple:

Tera Manzil Temple has 13 floors. Each floor has many small temples with different deities throughout the This temple is located near the Lakshman Jhula. The view from the top of the temple is amazing. Temple is also known as Trayambakeshwar Temple, Trimbakeshwar Temple or Kailashanand Mission Trust.

Beatles Ashram

Beatles Ashram is located in the Swarg Ashram this ashram is closed in 1997 and consumed by forest department. Still there are some building such as meditation cells and lecture halls are there as a witness of the glory of ashram. In February 1968 Beatle stayed here to learn yoga and meditation. After the Beatle's visit Rishikesh came in limelight throughout the world for yoga.

Jungle Vibes:

Here you can learn to make some music instruments from Indian old men Mukesh Dhiman. Australian Didgeridoo and African Djembe are specialty of Mukesh.

Other places to visit in Rishikesh:

Bhootnath Temple, Iscon Temple, Astha Path, Raghunath Temple, Rishikund, Swarga Niwas Temple, Marine Drive, Rishikesh Main Market, Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple and Goa Beach.

Things to do in Rishikesh:

Rishikesh is unique city in terms of variety of things which it can offer to tourist. There is something for everyone who comes here. Rishikesh can't disappoint anyone. All you need is good guidance. Take a look at some of the activities in Rishikesh.

Ganga aarti (Ganges Ceremony):

Highly recommended for everyone. Take a holy dip in the Ganges and enjoy Ceremony in evening at Parmarth Niketan or Triveni Ghat. Sit near the river Ganges, feel the music, the breeze and the auspicious atmosphere around you. Ganga Aarti is ceremony for the River Ganges. Every evening many people visit Triveni Ghat or Parmarth Niketan for the ceremony.

Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh:

Rishikesh is world famous for yoga. You can experience yoga is small sessions or you can stay here and spend a week or month to learn yoga. So many yoga experts are here who can teach you yoga in unique way which you cant learn anywhere. Rishikesh is also one of the best places in whole world for meditation. Natural atmosphere, auspicious surroundings, river and mountains what else one can expect to make a strong bond with nature and himself/herself. That's reason that thousands of famous spiritual personalities selected this place for their meditation.

Adventures in Rishikesh:

Rishikesh is became an adventure hub since last 10 years. Adventure means challenge for your stamina and strength. Rishikesh has many activities for amazing fun that you will remember it for life time. Challenging rapids, Muntains and dense forest is here to test your skills physical and mental strenght. Rishikesh has Rafting, camping, trekking, Rock climbing, Rappelling and bungee jumping are famous adventure activities which you can enjoy here. Weekend Adventure tour in Rishikesh can refresh your mind from day to day life.

Ashram life in Rishikesh:

Rishikesh is best option if you want to experience the ashram life. Stay in ashram, eat satwik (organic) food, take part in ashram activities, listen the lecture on Hinduism and how to live peaceful life, help the needful, help in ashram work and spend time with children and locals these are the key activities you can do at ashram.

Ayurveda in Rishikesh:

Ayurveda is a traditional way or system of medicines native to Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda is type of alternate medicine. Ayurveda is widely used in Rishikesh. Some ashram and centers provide facility of Ayurvedic treatment. Panchkarma is very popular therapy. Panchkarma is used to get rid of toxic materials from our body. Ayurveda uses generally plant based medicines which found in Indian subcontinent.

Shopping in Rishikesh:

Every tourist wants some special souvenirs of the trip for their family, friends or relatives. Rishikesh has so many varieties for Shopping. Here in markets you can get gems, jewelry, precious and semi precious stones, cloths, idols, rudraksh, spiritual books and other spiritual items. Laksman Jhula (Tapovan), Ram Jhula, Swarg Ashram and main market are major shopping areas.

waterfall in Rishikesh:

Waterfalls are commonly formed in the upper course of a river in steep mountains.[1] Because of their landscape position, many waterfalls occur over bedrock fed by little contributing area, so may be ephemeral and flow only during rainstorms or significant snowmelt. The further downstream, the more perennial a waterfall can be. Waterfalls can have a